Allen Air Conditioning Service: A Checklist for Summer Cooling

Before the summer heat really ramps up, Allen Air Conditioning Service recommends a tune up for your air conditioning unit. When the fact is considered that units not serviced annually decrease in performance by 5% per year not tuned up, the importance of a small investment in preventative care for your air conditioning unit becomes […]

Need a New Unit? Allen Air Conditioning Installation Can Help

At some point in time, most homeowners will need to replace their existing air conditioning units, and Allen Air Conditioning Installation experts can help. The times have changed, There are more choices on the market in air conditioning units than there were fifty years ago. No longer is the standard window unit the only means […]

Allen Air Conditiong Repair: Recommended Services

Summer in Texas is known to be brutal. Temperatures soar past 100 even when the thermometer outside reads 90. The heat index can be insufferable, making a properly running air conditioner a mandatory item in homes around the state. Allen Air Conditioning Repair recommends having your unit serviced before the heat arrives to ensure you […]

Plano Furnace Repair

Plano Furnace Repair: What to Do When Something Breaks If your heat has suddenly stopped working, then you are in need of Plano furnace repair. Even though Plano isn’t known for extreme winters, you definitely don’t want your heat going out in the middle of December or January when the temperature usually drops to 32 […]

Plano Furnace Maintenance

Plano Furnace Maintenance and Making Sure that Things Work  Before the temperatures begin to finally drop, you should invest a little time and money into finding a company that does Plano furnace maintenance. Even though it can be hard to think about heating in the middle of a Plano summer (or even in the middle […]

3 Reasons to Choose a Professional for Plano Residential Air Conditioning Installations

Summer’s here, and the stifling heat is giving thousands of homeowners a reason to look into Plano residential air conditioning installations. From portable units to full-featured ceiling air conditioners, what was once a luxury is now considered a summertime necessity by a sizable slice of the population. But with hundreds of models available and an equal number […]