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Save Money This Summer With Allen Air Conditioning

Allen Air Conditioning knows the heat is on the way in Texas, and with the rising heat, larger energy bills are in the future for many Texas residents. However, you can let the professionals at Allen Air Conditioning help you save money with a few timely tips, tricks, and preventative services that will reflect in your monthly utility bill.

Tips for Lowering Air Conditioning Energy Bills.

Set It and Forget It
When deciding to run your air conditioner to escape Texas heat, set the thermostat to 78 degrees. This is the most energy efficient temperature you can choose. Setting it lower than 78 degrees increases your energy usage by around 8% per degree. For example, if you set your thermostat to 74 degrees, four degrees lower than the recommended 78 degrees, your energy bill will reflect this as an increase of around 32 % rise. This can add up dramatically when facing the soaring summer temperatures for which Texas is known.

Have the Coolant Level Checked

Air conditioners utilize a refrigerant that assists the appliances in delivering cool air to your home When new, the air conditioning unit is properly charged with the right amount of coolant. However, after a few seasons, the level of coolant can become low, leaving you with less than optimal conditions for the unit to operate properly. Allen Air Conditioning can assist you with charging your air conditioner with refrigerant so that you enjoy a cool home during the hot season.

Use Shade Wherever it May Be Hiding
Dark curtains and shutters can assist you in retaining the most cool air in your home. If you keep your windows well covered and shadowed as much as possible, the cost will be reflected in your energy bill.

Don’t forget to keep the area around your air conditioning unit sealed well to avoid bursts of warm air invading your home. Also, avoid opening the door except when absolutely necessary as this will allow hot air from outside to reduce the effectiveness of your cooling efforts.

Window Units Must Be Level

Allen Window Air ConditionerWindow air conditioning units, also called room units, must be level when placed in the window desired. If they are not, the drainage system cannot function properly, resulting in more freeze-ups and higher energy usage. In fact, allowing a window air conditioning unit to be tilted can reduce its efficiency by more than ten percent, which is directly reflected in your kilowatt readings for your electric meter.

Humidity Counts
High humidity can be a tricky situation for your fan motor on your air conditioning unit. Normally, you will want your fan set on high. However, if humidity is high, then the opposite becomes true. Leaving a fan on high during high humidity can cause a lessening in the motor’s ability to run, reducing its lifespan and burning more energy than it should be.

Cycling is Important
Your air conditioning unit runs by cycling based on the thermostat setting of your choosing. If you set televisions, computers, or other appliances near the air conditioner, the thermostat reads this heat and decides that the air conditioner should remain running. This eliminates the natural purpose of the thermostat and causes more energy to be used without additional benefits.

Following these simple steps, Allen Air Conditioning can help you save money as Texas gears up for another blazing hot summer.

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