Need a New Unit? Allen Air Conditioning Installation Can Help

At some point in time, most homeowners will need to replace their existing air conditioning units, and Allen Air Conditioning Installation experts can help.

The times have changed, There are more choices on the market in air conditioning units than there were fifty years ago. No longer is the standard window unit the only means of cooling off in the Texas heat. Now, there are conventional and high velocity systems available to meet cooling requirements. More than ever, professionals are needed to explain the benefits and drawbacks of each one so that you end up with a unit that satisfies your individual needs and not those of the masses.

Conventional systems work by diffusing air while high velocity systems depend on aspiration. Aspiration means that air is forced into the room at a much higher velocity and wind currents are created that actually do the cooling of the house. Diffusion uses vents placed high, such as in the ceiling or near the ceiling, and depends upon the principle that cool air is heavier than warm air. In a diffusion system, an intake vent is needed so that the warm air forced to the top of the room can be taken out of the equation for the next diffusion of air. The cycle is continuous and will adequately maintain temperature levels for most people.

Aspiration dependent systems like high velocity maintain a ratio that must be high as temperature variation within the same room can occur if the ratio drops. Aspirations keep air from becoming stagnant, though, as the air is in constant motion.

Besides aspiration and diffusion, an Allen Air Conditioning Installation expert can also explain the differences in duct sizing, flexibility, air flow, noise, aesthetics, and mechanical systems as well as cost.

The use of a high velocity air conditioning system is often more costly than the cost of a conventional unit. The high air velocity causes more deterioration in the tubing and the mechanical parts than its conventional counterpart, resulting in higher repair costs. The stress of the forced air simply is not economical when speaking about a big ticket item that you will depend upon for many years to come.

Once you’ve chosen your new unit, you will need to have it installed. If you’ve chosen a conventional system, an Allen Air Conditioning Installation expert can ensure there are no leaks in the duct work and that the compressor is the right size for your home. In the way of compressors, bigger is not always better. The size of this part will be determined by the relationship of the compressor and your home to deliver optimal results when you turn your unit on.

Once installed, your Allen Air Conditioning Installation expert can be of assistance in maintaining your unit so that you will enjoy many seasons of cool air to fend off the heat of summer.

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