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Summer in Texas is known to be brutal.

Temperatures soar past 100 even when the thermometer outside reads 90. The heat index can be insufferable, making a properly running air conditioner a mandatory item in homes around the state. Allen Air Conditioning Repair recommends having your unit serviced before the heat arrives to ensure you don’t get caught sweating it out.

Every year, people in Texas run to the controls of their central only to find that the unit is not working as expected. A few birds have made it their home over the winter. Storms have left their mark, or fans and filters are clogged. Allen Air Conditioning Repair can help you avoid this problem with a quick service call before the season of central air and window units arrives.

With a quick call to a service repair professional, residents can experience the peace of mind preparedness can bring. During a routine check, an Allen Air conditioning specialist will check coolant levels, replace filters, ensure fans are working properly, and make sure there are no unwanted extra residents hiding in your unit that may affect it adversely. In addition, electrical connections and wiring are checked for signs of fraying due to weather. This can avoid a situation in which the unit overheats and creates a fire hazard.

Most air conditioners fail to operate as expected when first fired up for the summer because of simple, easily remedied conditions. By using the knowledge of professionals, and having your unit serviced prior to needing to use it, you can prevent a small problem growing into a larger one. Usually, as the unit sits over the winter, coils gather dust and dirt and filters become clogged with small debris. Another problem may be a part that started going out last season, but only becomes apparent when starting the unit this season.

The impact of having a repair professional service your unit will be reflected in lower energy bills. As is true of almost all preventative measures, the initial cost is returned ten fold as the summer presses onward. Taking care of a small problem always keeps a larger one from developing, leaving your pockets with more change to spend on other items for the summer, like ice cream.

The professionals at Allen Air Conditioning Repair are trained to observe your unit, test components, recharge freon to optimal levels, and troubleshoot any additional problems with your unit. Their aim is to save you money while ensuring that you have a safe, cool summer despite a geographical region known for its heat. To start your summer off right, give them a call today and enjoy the wonders of a cool Texas summer tomorrow.

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