Allen Air Conditioning Service: A Checklist for Summer Cooling

Before the summer heat really ramps up, Allen Air Conditioning Service recommends a tune up for your air conditioning unit. When the fact is considered that units not serviced annually decrease in performance by 5% per year not tuned up, the importance of a small investment in preventative care for your air conditioning unit becomes apparent.

On the flip side of the coin, units serviced annually retain 95% of their original functionality for up to ten years for window units and even longer for conventional systems. This translates into less money spent as it is reflected in both your energy bill and the cost of a new unit when poorly kept units break down.

The service checks by Allen Air Conditioning Service professionals include the following:

  • Cleaning the Condensing Coils: Condensing coils that are dirty can cause havoc within an air conditioner if left unchecked. Not only is the result the possibility of part replacement and warmer than desired air when the unit is on, dirty coils also spell trouble for the environment.
  • Amp Draw on Compressor: A compressor that is not functioning properly and is drawing too many amps when in operation spells trouble. Energy is wasted and your electric bill skyrockets.
  • Oiling Fan Motors: Fan motors are motors. As such, they need to be oiled to keep optimal circulation. Oil helps maintain proper friction levels and reduces the amount of noise the unit will make.
  • Belts: Like everything with a motor, belts are used to help that motor operate. Aged belts can snap and break, damaging other parts of your air conditioning unit. Replacing them in an annual tune up can avoid such mishaps and increase the efficiency of the unit.
  • Specs: Checking the specs of the system operating temperatures and pressure against the manufacturer’s numbers can tell you if your unit should be replaced or if the unit is functioning as expected.
  • Coolant level: Coolant levels in air conditioning systems have a gigantic impact on how much your unit costs to run and whether or not the air produced by the unit is cool , warm or downright cold. Too much coolant can damage the system, and too little coolant can cripple the system. Even a 10% decrease in coolant variation from the recommended levels causes concern as that 10% will cost you an additional 20% increase in electrical charges on your monthly bill.

Allen Air conditioning service professionals also check for leaks as a unit with leaky areas will only lose freon again if charged. As freon is an environmental hazard and is controlled under strict laws, a leaky unit must be replaced before coolant can be installed. Your service professional will know how to repair the leaks and abide by all laws concerning freon so that your summer is both safe and cool.

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