Air Conditioner Repair: Call a Professional or DIY?

While it can seem daunting, air conditioner repair is quite simple for basic faults and minor air conditioning problems. As July rolls around and temperatures, humidity, and our city’s sunshine hours begin to soar, it’s important to take care of nagging air conditioning issues before they can turn into major problems.

3 Tips for Picking a Portable Air Conditioner Unit

Despite their compact size and light enclosure, portable room air conditioners can be every bit as effective as their large, prebuilt, and permanently installed counterparts. With the most powerful portable units boasting cooling power often unheard of in ceiling and wall mounted air conditioners, it’s no surprise that a growing number of tenants, homeowners, and […]

3 Surprisingly Common Air Conditioner Problems

Texas homeowners are certainly familiar with Murphy’s Law – every summer, without fail, we encounter a range of air conditioner problems and home cooling breakdowns. It’s a phenomenon that tends to hit at the peak of summer, ruining days which are best spent indoors with a good book and a cool drink.

What’s the Best Air Conditioner for Your Home?

Ask any first-time homeowner about the most stressful part of outfitting their residence, and it’s very unlikely they’ll comment on the air conditioning. Finding the best air conditioner for a home certainly looks difficult on paper – there are several make-or-break factors to keep in mind – but with the right strategy and technical outlook […]

How Often Should You Carry Out an Air Conditioning Service?

It’s difficult to give a cover-all figure when it comes to air conditioning service intervals. Thanks to modern innovations and energy efficiency, some home A/C systems require little more than a once-yearly service, while dated and inefficient home air conditioning systems can often demand two or even three services annually.

4 Ways to Prevent Common Air Conditioner Problems

There’s nothing more frustrating than encountering air conditioner problems at the height of summer. With blazing heat outside and smothering humidity, even the most minor issue with a home air conditioner can become a miniature crisis. Productivity grinds to a standstill, heat becomes a work-killer, and relaxation can become an impossibility.

The True Value of Industrial Air Conditioning

Few observers truly understand the cost of an industrial air conditioning system. Raised on cheap home air conditioning and accustomed to an inexpensive monthly power bill, the idea that keeping the office cool could cost hundreds, thousands, and occasionally tens-of-thousands of dollars per month seems slightly foreign. 

Split and Mini Split Air Conditioning Guide

Mechanically, split air conditioning systems have a lot in common with their industrial and ducted counterparts. Both rely on condenser and blower systems to supply their environments with cool air; both systems require extensive ventilation and drainage systems, and both cooling systems have the potential to be as energy efficient or inefficient as required, depending […]

Do You Need Air Conditioning in Plano?

Despite the immense summer heat we’ve grown accustomed to, a growing number of residents are attempting to live without air conditioning in Plano. It’s a phenomenon that’s equal parts frugality and environmentalism; with thousands of Americans out of work and a growing number living on lower salaries than just one year ago, the cost of […]