Air Conditioner Repair: Call a Professional or DIY?

While it can seem daunting, air conditioner repair is quite simple for basic faults and minor air conditioning problems. As July rolls around and temperatures, humidity, and our city’s sunshine hours begin to soar, it’s important to take care of nagging air conditioning issues before they can turn into major problems.

Fortunately, repairing most minor air conditioning issues requires little more than basic mechanical knowledge. Air conditioners are divided into two major components: the condenser unit, which is most often external and placed outside the home, and the wall or ceiling-mounted blower unit. The two units are joined through the same ventilation system as other temperature devices, leaving your air conditioning system and home heating equally simple to access.

The most common home air conditioning issue is unclean air. It’s an annoyance caused by a poorly cleaned and irregularly maintained air conditioner, particularly one that’s operating with an outdated air filter installed. While we recommend working with a professional to keep your air conditioner safe and operational, this fault can easily be diagnosed and repaired at home.

The second most common air conditioning issue isn’t actually a fault with the air conditioner itself. Broken ventilation tubing and damaged home heating systems can often cause an air conditioning system to lose blowing power and cool air as it travels through the home, leaving your room warm and potentially quite uncomfortable.

As this fault rests with your home’s ventilation system, it’s best to speak to a professional before attempting to repair it. Ventilation holes and leaky tubing can be quite difficult to access, increasing the risk of unwanted leaks and potential water damage. Experienced DIYers are unlikely to run into issues, although botched repair jobs can quickly become quite expensive.

Before engaging in any maintenance or repair job, remember that your air conditioning system is a home appliance, and as such carries some conditions for warranty coverage. Most air conditioning systems are sealed to prevent unwanted substances and animals from entering – something which can make ‘simple’ repairs a nightmare should anything go wrong. 

As always, it’s best to approach home air conditioning problems as you would any other mechanical problem – with the experience and skill of a professional. No Texan should be forced to ensure a summer without air conditioning, making reliability a major concern. When in doubt, do it properly; hire a professional for your air conditioning repair and keep your warranty, security, and comfort intact.

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