Do You Need Air Conditioning in Plano?

Despite the immense summer heat we’ve grown accustomed to, a growing number of residents are attempting to live without air conditioning in Plano. It’s a phenomenon that’s equal parts frugality and environmentalism; with thousands of Americans out of work and a growing number living on lower salaries than just one year ago, the cost of keeping a home cool has become quite taxing.

But it’s not just cost that’s on the mind. With Plano ranking among the United States’ most affluent communities, a large number of residents are seeing air conditioning as an environmentally pricey luxury. Despite huge advanced in energy efficiency and electrical cleanliness, many residents are opting to switch their home’s cooling system off in an effort to, quite ironically, keep the earth cool.

With July expected to bring triple-figure temperatures and sweat inducing humidity, is the crisp feel of an air conditioner really something we can live without? Most homes are insulated, designed for minimal winter coolness and large amounts of retained heat – a construction choice that can become a major annoyance when paired with little to no air conditioning.

We’re certainly for the use of air conditioning in summer, particularly the toasty and frustratingly humid summers our state is renowned for. There’s nothing appealing about sweating in sauna-style heat, especially with the cool alternative of air conditioned comfort available. However, there are some ways to make your summer air conditioning a little less painful on the family budget or earth temperature.

The first is to ensure that your home’s air conditioning system is operating properly. With a number of service stations able to service air conditioning in Plano, keeping your air conditioner clean and trouble-free is relatively simple. We recommend checking over your air conditioning units once or twice monthly for any strange noises or dusty air. If in doubt, call a professional and book a service.

The second is to check your air conditioning system for energy efficiency. Older air conditioning systems tend to use more power than their newer counterparts, leaving your energy bill significantly higher than it could be and your environmental impact at a preventable level. It may seem slightly expensive to replace your unit entirely, but it can often lead to considerable long-term savings.

Whether you opt for a low-energy summer or a more comfortable alternative, remember that there are ways to keep your air conditioning efficient and inexpensive. We’re always here to help with air conditioning in Plano, whether you’re aiming to keep monthly energy costs down or simply help the earth with a more energy efficient home cooling system.

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