3 Surprisingly Common Air Conditioner Problems

Texas homeowners are certainly familiar with Murphy’s Law – every summer, without fail, we encounter a range of air conditioner problems and home cooling breakdowns. It’s a phenomenon that tends to hit at the peak of summer, ruining days which are best spent indoors with a good book and a cool drink.

Fortunately, the majority of air conditioner problems are easily preventable. From blocked filters to damaged drainage systems, the most frustratingly common air conditioner issues can often be fixed with little more than routine maintenance, a little care, and a more holistic attitude to your home’s temperature system.

1.    Dirty, uncomfortable air

There’s nothing less comfortable than dirty, stale air. While most air conditioners do a fantastic job of removing unwanted dust and debris from our homes, it’s annoyingly common to see a great air conditioner struggle to keep a room clean and free of particles. 

Luckily, most particle problems are easily reversed. Check your air conditioning unit for dust and dirt by increasing the fan speed and locking the unit’s swing in one position. If the air conditioner pushes dirty air out, it might require a filter replacement. We recommend contacting a professional to have your air conditioning filter replaced, although it’s possible to change it yourself.

2.    Loud air conditioning 

Most modern air conditioning units are reasonably quiet, able to moderate a room’s temperature without disturbing inhabitants or contributing to noise pollution. However, aging air conditioners and unclean units can quickly become annoying, forcing a chainsaw-style noise throughout the house.

Prevent your air conditioner from becoming an aural nuisance by having it cleaned and serviced regularly. Most buzzing noises can be reversed by quickly tapping your air conditioner’s enclosure or temporarily decreasing its fan strength. If abnormal noises persist, it may be worth having your air conditioner serviced by a professional. 

3.    Leaking and damp drainage patches

Most of us rely on air conditioners to keep our homes dry, cool, and safe from interior weather damage. Unfortunately, a leaking air conditioner drainage system can end up achieving the exact opposite, spreading water throughout the home and contributing to mold and mildew buildup.

Prevent leaks from becoming an major issue by regularly checking your air conditioner for excess moisture and their surrounding areas for dampness. Most leaks start because of a perforated drain or air conditioner problems and can be eliminated with a gap filler.

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