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Plano AC TruckWith over twenty-two years experience in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning installation and maintenance, we’re one of Plano’s most reliable sources of up-to-date home climate and ventilation advice. Preventing equipment breakdowns and eliminating unexpected power bills doesn’t need to be an expensive hassle – speak with one of our technicians to put together a complete home heating and air conditioning system.

We’re a proud authorized dealer of Trane, Rheem, and Goodman air conditioning equipment – three of the industry’s most reliable and trusted manufacturers. Our team understands that reliability is the most important issue for homeowners and commercial workspaces, and as such we ensure that both or equipment and our installations are reliable and fault-free.

Alongside our extensive collection of new air conditioning systems, we also specialize in residential and commercial air conditioning maintenance. Our large selection of replacement parts means you’ll never need to wait for a minor air conditioning repair or routine check-up – all of our residential air conditioners are backed up by a factory warranty and our own installation guarantee.

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That means that when your home, apartment, or commercial air conditioning system needs a timely repair, we’re the provider to call. Our team of experienced technicians can help you eliminate dusty air with a new air conditioner filter, or help you enjoy more effective and energy efficient home air conditioning by revising the placement of your split air conditioning blowers.

Plano Air Conditioning ServiceWe also work closely with contractors and engineers to ensure that your residential or commercial HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is energy efficient and effective. Whether you’re involved in the design and engineering of a major building or simply looking to update your family home, our authorized HVAC team can design and install an efficient ventilation system.

Is your home prepared for a humid Texan summer? We’re lucky enough to be situated in one of the country’s most consistently warm areas. Whether July or January, it’s unlikely that you’ll see a speck of snow or drop of unwanted rain in our streets. But that year-round heat can be demanding on our home climate systems, leading to unexpected bills and unwanted appliance breakdowns.


Plan for this summer and the next by contacting us for your next air conditioning installation, home heating enquiry, or ventilation system question. Our experienced team has over twenty-two years of experience in home and commercial air conditioning, and we’re dedicated to helping you find an air conditioning solution that’s affordable, energy efficient, and highly effective.

Experienced in residential, commercial and new construction this family-owned business is proud to offer : Top of the line Brands and Service


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Cool Connections LLC is a Texas Licensed and Bonded Business Serving  Plano Air Conditioning, HVAC, and all of your  Heating Needs.

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Ken From Plano Says...
Plano Ken
Hi Joe,
I Just wanted to send you a quick but HUGE Thank You. Your Timely Service, FREE Quote, Great Pricing and Professional Demeanor not only cooled our home… it truly eased our minds.

Thanks Again,
Ken Fry

Larry Brown From Plano...
Plano Larry
My AC unit outside was malfunctioning and the connections were frosted over which was a sign of bad news. We found the "Cool Connections" business card and gave Joe a call. He immediately came over and assessed the problem, and explained it to me in detail, gave me several options and fixed it. I was impressed by his vast knowledge of HVAC equipment for a guy so young. My wife and I have total confidence in his abilities to remedy any given situation. My unit upstairs was pretty old and almost obsolete and the evaporator coils were toast! Once again "Cool Connections" came to my rescue and saved the day. Now I keep his business card on the fridge with the rest of my honey-do lists!

Larry Brown
Plano, TX