The True Value of Industrial Air Conditioning

Industrial Air CondioningFew observers truly understand the cost of an industrial air conditioning system. Raised on cheap home air conditioning and accustomed to an inexpensive monthly power bill, the idea that keeping the office cool could cost hundreds, thousands, and occasionally tens-of-thousands of dollars per month seems slightly foreign. 

But it’s an expense that’s very real, especially in major urban office dwellings and high-rise office properties. With tens-of-thousands of feet to cover, hundreds of desks to keep cool, and productive employees all in need of comfortable heat, the importance of an industrial air conditioning system is rarely questioned.

However, a recent study by the Helsinki University of Technology suggests that even the most frightening corporate air conditioning bill may end up saving money for companies. In a research paper titled ‘The Effect of Temperature on Task Performance in Office Environment’, a leading team of Finnish researchers claim that cool temperatures can help employees work more efficiently.

The study pins the optimum office temperature at 70º Fahrenheit – a significant dip below standard Dallas summer temperatures and one that’s almost impossible without the help of a sizable office air conditioning system. With a team of productive and trained employees, that productivity boost may lead to earnings that significantly outweigh the slight increase in office energy expenditure.

Industrial Air ConditioningThe Helsinki-based researchers claim that employees are almost twenty percent more productive when given access to cool environments than they are in ninety-degree heat. However, the research hasn’t been met with complete agreement inside the academic community; a team at Cornell University insist that the most productive temperature for office workers is 77º Fahrenheit. 

Those skeptical of the findings need only look at office behavior in some of the world’s hottest countries. Spanish employees have long favored the siesta as an alternative to working through summer heat, preferring to sleep through the early afternoon and work during the more temperate evening. Several South Asian countries also observe a midday break, encouraging employees to spend the midday hours socializing and instead work into the evening. 

Either way, the findings are certainly reason to keep the office air conditioning switched on. While reports of ‘frugal’ businesses are becoming more prevalent in the local news media, we can’t help but feel that most money is well spent. Despite the hefty running costs associated with an industrial air conditioning system, it’s certainly a nicer sight than sleeping employees.

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