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split air conditioner
Trane Split Air Conditioner

Mechanically, split air conditioning systems have a lot in common with their industrial and ducted counterparts. Both rely on condenser and blower systems to supply their environments with cool air; both systems require extensive ventilation and drainage systems, and both cooling systems have the potential to be as energy efficient or inefficient as required, depending entirely on usage.

But beyond their mechanical design, there are hundreds of differences between the two types of air conditioner. Duct-based air conditioners are quite common in office buildings and large homes, the preferred option due to their more flexible design and greater cooling capacity. They’re also a better efficiency choice, able to cool a larger area without the need for separate outlets and blowers.

In contrast, split air conditioning systems are almost completely unseen outside of residential areas. The preferred option for small rooms and isolated environments, split air conditioners are designed to effectively cool and moderate the air temperature in home living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms. Thanks to their more compact design and relatively small energy usage, they’re the most effective choice for homeowners and apartment dwellers.

But what about those of us aiming to keep an expansive building cool? Industrial air conditioning systems can be too expensive, running up total installation costs well above the average home’s budget. At the same time, a split air conditioning system may not offer enough power to keep a large home or major room completely cool, leaving inhabitants with pockets of untreated air and noticeable warm patches. 

We recommend a combination of split systems, ideally an air conditioning system that’s spread throughout major rooms and home thoroughfares. Think of your home as a roadway network, each room and walkway allowing air to travel down its length and into another area. With strategic air conditioner placement, you can cool an entire home using split air conditioners in just one or two major rooms. 

Split Air Conditioning
Rheem Split Air Conditioning

There’s also a clear efficiency benefit to using a split air conditioning system in your home. While ducted air conditioners offer immense efficiency at scale, they’re typically too large and extensive for even the most lavish of homes. A split air conditioner is slightly less efficient on a large scale, but offers greater benefits when installed in a home, apartment, or mid-sized condominium. 

Efficient air conditioning comes down to two major factors – the needs of your home, and your own energy efficiency demands. With a professional opinion and intelligent blower placement, your split air conditioning system can offer immense cooling power, impressive energy efficiency, and a home that’s comfortable through any season.

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